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The Marche? It is the region where everything is to hand! A holiday on the Conero Riviera offers 360° of seaside pleasure, whether you prefer the incredibly well-served beach concessions along the Lido di Numana or the beautiful paradise of the Natural Park of Conero with the wild and unspoilt beaches of the Sassi Neri, Spiaggia Urbani, San Michele and Porto Novo. Enchanting evenings spent wandering around the delightful seaside towns of Sirolo, Numana and Porto Recanati are the perfect end to a day.But it’s worth spending a day or two exploring the marvellous medieval towns just a few kilometres away from Numana. (Ancona – the capital of the Region and home to The Basilica of San Ciriaco and the Templar’s church of Santa Maria. Offagna – every July this citadel is home to a spectacular one week medieval festival, Osimo – a Roman walled town with a fascinating labyrinth of caves running below the town, and many other historic and cultural cities like Recanati, Fermo and Urbino or the spiritual pilgrimage site of Loreto.

Civitanova, just half an hour’s drive away, is a shopper’s paradise. Most of the big Italian designer names like Todds, Prada, Fornarina have their factory outlets there. Saturday morning is market day, and the best place to stock up on beautiful Italian shoes and bags.

The Conero Riviera is the perfect place for a holiday, whatever your passion…

foto di Sauro Bellezza – la spiaggia delle due sorelle

Sauro Bellezze

Long sunny days spent on the golden beaches with tiny round white pebbles will satisfy the most avid beach lover. For the more active among us a game of beach-volley or some windsurfing.

Foto di Sauro Bellezza “Regata del Conero”

The warm sea breeze is perfect for sailing, exploring the dramatic coastline in front of the Due Sorelle (Two Sisters) cliffs.

Foto Ercole Mirco Saletti

The Natural park of Monte Conero offers well signposted, shaded strolls through the woods or more challenging full-day trekking.

The nearby medieval hill towns and citadels from the seaside to the Sibillini mountains are all just waiting to be discovered by the more discerning travellers.

The Marche: the familiar region


JuneMaceratamusicultura festival
JulyRecanati lunaria
JulyOffagnafeste medievali
AugustOsimo calici di stelle
AugustNumana notte bianca
AugustSirolo notte bianca
AugustAnconanotte bianca
SeptemberAncona regatta conero